Company expertise

An essential aspect in the successful support of the client is the wealth of experience of the interim manager and consultant with regard to the size of the company. It is important to know whether it is a Swiss company with local operations or an internationally active company. Start-ups, SMEs or group companies differ significantly from one another in various respects and therefore require a different approach to support.  

For example, a start-up has issues such as setting up a company, implementing the business plan, self-financing, client acquisition, etc.

An SME is characterised by a lean organisation with a flat hierarchy. The decision-making paths as well as the information and communication paths are short and the freedom
of each individual to design is large. Often it is a Swiss company with operations in Switzerland and/or abroad. "Doers" are very welcome in an SME and the overall cooperation is very constructive.

The group company, often an internationally active company based in Switzerland or abroad, is in turn characterised by a rather complex organisational structure with many hierarchical levels. The decision-making channels as well as the information and communication channels in a group company are rather long. Interdisciplinary projects and assignments abroad are the order of the day.

Informal structures, as well as any power relations, must be grasped quickly. Diplomatic skills, good networking skills and intercultural skills are therefore required . 

From start-ups to SMEs and large companies - STYLE INVEST's expertise with regard to the client or company to be supported is as diverse as our clients:

  • Start-up
  • Family-owned companies
  • Small companies (1-49 employees) 
  • Medium-sized companies (50-249 employees)
  • Large companies (250+ employees) 
  • Group companies
  • Board of Directors and Board of Trustees