Reference projects

As a STYLE INVEST contact person, we have profound knowledge, many years of leadership experience as well as project experience from various industries and functions. This in turn enables us to quickly take on short-term assignments in a management function for bridging, special tasks and special projects.

The following is a selection of possible topics and reference projects that we can cover.

Efficiency increase in the administration and search of digital contents - the successful introduction of a Media Asset Management.
Do you work daily with digital content such as logos, images, videos, graphics, CAD, presentations, text modules, brochures and other documents? Are they still stored in different places and no one really knows where exactly and which is the latest version? Then you certainly know the endless search for the most current presentation, the right picture or short video or the desired file format in exchange with employees, clients, agency, print shop and the press – and all that still under time pressure. In order to remedy the daily search for the right digital content and to increase the efficiency of all those involved, there is a solution – Digital Asset Management!
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