Nicole Schmid

Federal Diploma NDS Business Technician FH

Executive MBA FH in Marketing

Nicole Schmid from STYLE INVEST is your competent partner for interim management tasks, project management, consulting & advisory mandates as well as a member of management with a focus on various branches of industry and start-up companies.

Experience focuses

  • Member of management – Strategic leadership with focus on corporate strategy, markets and products as well as marketing and communication  
  • Advisory & Consulting – Support and coaching of companies and start-ups regarding sales, market presence, marketing and communication
  • Leadership Managing divisions and departments, establishing and expanding business divisions and departments
  • Strategy – Positioning/strategic alignment of companies, development and implementation of corporate, product and marketing strategies
  • Market Intelligence – Development and expansion of market intelligence, prepa- ration of comprehensive market and competitor analyses, benchmarks and trend monitoring
  • Business Development – Preparation of business plans for start-up companies, analysis of new markets and products, evaluation of new products as well as expansion of the product portfolio with new product area 
  • Marketing & Communication – Development and implementation of product, marketing and communication concepts 
  • Corporate Branding – Development of brand strategies incl brand protection, elaboration of labeling and shop-in-shop concepts, development and implemen- tation of new corporate identity/corporate design 
  • Product Management/Purchasing – Product range and product life cycle, efficient warehouse management, cooperation agreements (general agreements), negotia- tions, purchasing conditions, refunds and discounts
  • Sales – Customer service and key account management, complete order processing (request for quotation, calculation, production monitoring, billing)  
  • Pricing – Development and implementation of standardized pricing management, development of pricing systems for major customers/key accounts
  • Change Management – Recording, analysis and optimization of workflows and processes, reorganization of areas, knowledge management
  •   Project Management/Special projects – Management of operational, strategic and cross-departmental projects across various hierarchies and subject areas, implementation of software-supported document management tools 

Reference projects

  • Transformers (Energy) | Development and establish the marketing department
  • Paper production | Development a marketing and product strategy 
  • Packaging industry (FMCG) | Evaluation and implementation a central media asset management tool 
  • Wholesale / Retail  (security products) | Development the brand strategy, labelling
    and shop-in-shop concept
  • Packaging industry (FMCG) | Development and implementation a new CI/CD
  • Paper wholesale / retail | Implementation a new product area under own brand
  • Start-up | Development of a business plan and communication concept
  • Transformers (Energy) | Implementation a standardized pricing incl monitoring of
    price development

  • Paper production | Development and establish a central market analysis tool

  •  Packaging industry (FMCG) | Reorganization of division and functions

  • Graphic industry | Analysis and optimization of workflows 

NicoleSchmid_Manager Profil.pdf


  • Member of the Executive Board / Management Board
  • Head of  Marketing and Communication (global & national) 
  • Head of Product Management (global & national) 
  • Project Lead (operational, strategic & cross-departmental)
Industry experience

  • Packaging Industry: Machine and system engineering (FMCG: food, confectionery and pharmaceutical)
  • Energy industry (transformatoren): Transformer engineering, product manufacturing and services
  • Security Industry (Home Security and Mobile Security): Wholesale / retail and services
  • Hand tool industry: Wholesale / retail and services
  • Paper industry: Production and wholesale/retail
  • Graphics industry: Pre-press, printing and finishing
  • start-up companies     

Company expertise

  • Family business & small companies (1-49 employees)
  • Medium-sized companies (50-249 employees)
  • Large companies (250+ employees)
  • Group companies 
  • Start-up companies