Mandates and projects

As a STYLE INVEST contact, we have profound knowledge and many years of leadership experience in various industries and functions. This in turn enables us to quickly take on short-term assignments in a bridging management function, special tasks and special projects. .

The following is a selection of possible topics and projects that we can cover.

Management of strategic projects

Bridging management bottlenecks

  • Analysis and development of new strategic business areas
  • Support for growth strategies
  • Development of new locations
  • Analysis and development of new sales channels
  • Introduction of new products and technologies
  • temporary reinforcement and supplementation with expert knowledge
  • Use of profound experience for special projects

Turnaround and crisis management

  • Restructuring of departments and divisions
  • Optimization or redefinition of processes and procedures
  • Qualified transitional solution in the management function

  • Rapid handling of sudden special situations
  • Organizational structure and company expansion

  • Assumption of responsible management tasks
  • Qualified transitional solution in the  event of termination 
  • Qualified transitional solution in the event of illness and accident
  • Qualified transitional solution for maternity leave
  • Unexpected bottleneck

Support for special projects

  • Business plan / Financing
  • Digitale transformation
  • Implementation of digitisation projects
  • Support for the implementation of new systems